This AW300SG has been fitted to a movable trolley complete with its own Gas Supply

This AEP Electrotek Anaerobic Workstation is fitted with both a heating and refrigeration system. It is also fitted with an ovent for high temperature incubation.

This AW800TG is fitted with 4 glove ports, a removable front and has both heating and cooling facilities.

This AW500 TG anaerobic workstation was produced with a removable front panel and has several airtight glands fitted which allow the insertion of cabling and tubing for internal equipment.

This variation on the AW300SG contains a further small incubator to facilitate the growth of anaerobes requiring a considerably higher temperature than is possible using the standard cabinet.

A range of movable tables can be provided for all workstation sizes.

Electrotek reserve the right to modify the specification and price without prior notice. Patents applied for.

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