The AW800TG is the largest workstation in the Electrotek range. One of the main advantages of the unit is that despite its large capacity, it only occupies a modest amount of bench area. The workstation is very economical to run, as two gas supplies are used. The AW800TG will comfortably incubate up to 800 Petri dishes and comes complete with catalyst and plate holders.

Unique Glove - Free Opeation
Glove Free Operation:- Our unique bare hand method is very simple to operate; air tight seals fit around the users wrists as shown and the anaerobic atmosphere is maintained. The design eliminates the use of footswitches and gets rid of the large internal port bungs giving much more working room within the incubator. 
This system is also very economic on gas usage.
A large transfer port is fitted to the units which holds 100 Petri dishes. This port is automatically pressure pulse flushed and is fitted with a catalyst. The doors of the port are automatically sealed, locked and programmed to prevent loss of anaerobiosis. We also offer the option of an additional ten-plate entry system, in order that a small number of Petri dishes can be passed quickly into the incubator with a minimal gas usage.
Controls:- The unit works automatically without the use of footswitches or pushbuttons and the controls are not needed for routine operation.

Admitting Equipment:- Electric shakers and stirrers etc., can be placed inside the incubator through the arm ports prior to commissioning.

Anaerobic Indication:- A small pump together with an oxygen-sensitive liquid indicator is provided with the workstation.

Bench Area:- Careful configuration gives the unit a very large capacity, whilst keeping the bench area to a minimum.

The Control Panel:- The control panel indicates the workstation's operating status and audible alarms register gas leaks, low gas pressure and mains failure. The whole system is under the control of a programmable logic controller.

Working Position:- Working inside the incubator is very comfortable and all parts can be reached without effort.

Construction:- The unit is made using high quality acrylic and the seams are welded to ensure leak-free joints.

Temperature:- The temperature is controlled by an adjustable electronic controller and an internal digital thermometer displays the temperature.

Humidity:- The R.H. within the incubator is controlled by a humidistat and fan cooled condensation plate situated at the rear. The condensation is collected in a removable bottle.

Shelving:- The workstation can also be fitted with sliding shelves as an optional extra.

Visibility:- The visibility into the incubator is excellent. There are no folds in the front panel to obstruct clear vision and this is further enchanced by good lighting.

Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker:- The workstation is fitted with a safety device to protect the operator against electric shock.

Incubation Capacity 800 Petri Dishes
Interlock Capacity 100 Petri Dishes
Gas Supply 1) Mixed Gas 10% H2 + 10% CO2 +80% N2 (Flushing and incubation)
2) N2 (Flushing only)
Electrical Supply 240V.A.C., 50Hz, 500W
Temperature Range Ambient + 4C to 42C
Temperature Stability +/- 0.5C @ 37C
Overall Dimensions W=1448mm,  D=737mm,  H=813mm

The incubator is supplied with the following items:-

2 Gauntlets with 'O' rings
3 Wrist cuffs with 'O' rings
6 Petri dish carriers
1 Condensation drain bottle
1 Pressure relief water bottle
1 O2 indicator pump

Complies with ESCHLE and other international standards.
You will find the AW800TG effective, comfortable to work with and safe. It is economical to run, maintain and service.

Warranty and Service:- All Electrotek models are covered by a one year warranty on parts and labour. An additional extended service agreement is available following the one year warranty period.

Electrotek reserve the right to modify the specification and price without prior notice. Patents applied for.

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