This range of workstations is ideal for the laboratory where oxygen free conditions are required for the growth and identification of bacteria. The careful configuration gives the units a small bench area yet ample working room within the incubator. All the models are economic to run and come complete with catalyst sachets and plate holders and require only electricity and gas supplies to be fully functional.

Unique Glove - Free Opeation
Glove Free Operation:- Our unique bare hand method is very simple to operate; air tight seals fit around the users wrists as shown and the anaerobic atmosphere is maintained. The design eliminates the use of footswitches and gets rid of the large internal port bungs giving much more working room within the incubator. 
The system is also very economic on gas usage.
A large transfer port is fitted to the units which holds 60 Petri dishes. The outer door is hinged to reduce the overall length and the inner door slides to maximize the incubation capacity. Both doors are fitted with wear compensating seals. The units are also fitted with a single-plate entry system, situated between the arm ports at the front of the incubator. Individual Petri dishes can be passed quickly into the incubator with minimal gas usage.

Incubation Capacity 400 Petri Dishes
Interlock Capacity 60 Petri Dishes

Plus Single Petri Dish Entry System
Gas Supply Mixed Gas 10% H2 + 10% CO2 +80% N2
Electrical Supply 240V.A.C., 50Hz, 500W
Temperature Range Ambient + 4C to 42C
Temperature Stability +/- 0.5C @ 37C
Overall Dimensions W=1283mm,  D=667mm,  H=700mm

The incubator is supplied with the following items:-

2 Gauntlets with 'O' rings
3 Wrist cuffs with 'O' rings
6 Petri dish carriers
1 Condensation drain bottle
1 Pressure relief water bottle
1 O2 indicator pump

Complies with ESCHLE and other international standards.
You will find the AW400SG effective, comfortable to work with and safe. It is economical to run, maintain and service.

Warranty and Service:- All Electrotek models are covered by a one year warranty on parts and labour. An additional extended service agreement is available following the one year warranty period.

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Electrotek reserve the right to modify the specification and price without prior notice. Patents applied for.

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