The AW300SG anaerobic workstation is ideal for the laboratory where oxygen free conditions are required for the growth and identification of bacteria. Its small bench size yet large incubation capacity makes it perfect for the individual research project. The unit is very economical to operate and works from a single cylinder of anaerobic mixed gas. The cabinet will incubate 300 Petri dishes and comes complete with catalyst sachets and plate holders.
Electrotek AW300SG
Plate Access:- The interior of the workstation can be accessed in two ways. Single Petri dishes can be admitted through the transfer port situated at the front of the cabinet, whilst a larger lock is provided on the top of the unit which will hold ten dishes. 
The positive pressure inside the incubator and the doors at each end of the locks together with fast acting gas inlet switching, ensures that the unit remains anaerobic at all times.
Glove Free Operation:- Our unique bare hand method is very simple to operate; air tight sealsfit around the users wrists as shown and the anaerobic atmosphere is maintained. The design eliminates the use of footswitches and gets rid of the large internal port bungs giving much more working room within the incubator. The system is also very economic on gas usage.
Unique Glove - Free Operation

Controls:- The unit works automatically without the use of footswitches or pushbuttons and the controls are not needed for routine operation.

Admitting Equipment:- Electric shakers and stirrers etc., can be placed inside the incubator through the arm ports prior to commissioning.

Anaerobic Indication:- A small pump together with an oxygen-sensitive liquid indicator is provided with the workstation.

Bench Area:- The workstation occupies a minimum amount of bench area, is portable and completely self contained.

Visibility:- The visibility inside the incubator is excellent. Six of the cabinet's surfaces are transparent and this is further enhanced by a narrow angle, low voltage spotlight. There are no folds in the front viewing window to obstruct clear vision.

Gas Control:- The internal gas pressure is controlled electronically and a gas leak detector and alarm are built into the circuitry.

Working Position:- Working inside the incubator is very comfortable and all parts can be reached without effort.

Construction:- The unit is made using high quality acrylic and the seams are welded to ensure leak-free joints.

Temperature:- The temperature is controlled by an adjustable electronic controller which incorporates an integral digital thermometer.

Humidity:- The R.H. within the incubator is controlled by a humidistat and fan cooled condensation plate situated at the rear. The condensation is collected in a removable bottle.

Internal Power Socket:- A mains socket is provided to facilitate the use of electrical equipment inside the chamber.

Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker:- The workstation is fitted with a safety device to protect the operator against electric shock.

The AW300SG can also be used as a microaerophilic incubator by using an alternate gas supply.

Incubation Capacity 300 Petri Dishes
Transfer Port Capacity 10 Petri Dishes
Gas Supply Mixed Gas 10% H2 + 10% CO2 +80% N2
Electrical Supply 240V.A.C., 50Hz, 300W
Temperature Range Ambient + 4C to 42C
Temperature Stability +/- 0.5C @ 37C
Overall Dimensions W=30" (762mm), D=27" (686mm), H=24" (610mm)

Complies with ESCHLE and other international standards.
You will find the AW300SG effective, comfortable to work with and safe. It is economical to run, maintain and service.

Warranty and Service:- All Electrotek models are covered by a one year warranty on parts and labour. An additional extended service agreement is available following the one year warranty period.

Electrotek reserve the right to modify the specification and price without prior notice. Patents applied for.

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