Electrotek has been established since 1975 and have been producing anaerobic workstations for the past 20 years. We offer a wide range of units to suit all sizes of laboratories and will consider the manufacture of special cabinets to customers' own specification. Electrotek anaerobic workstations can also be used for microaerophylic and other types of work by using different gas supplies. Our workstaitons are exported to all parts of the world and we can cater for most electrical power supplies. Please click on one of the buttons below to view the appropriate cabinet. The cabinet part number consists of a number representing the capacity of the cabinet in petri dishes, followed by SG / TG for single / twin gas supply.
AW200 Anaerobic Workstation
AW300 Anaerobic Workstation
AW400 Single Gas Anaerobic Workstation
AW400 Dual Gas Anaerobic Workstation
AW500 Single Gas Anaerobic Workstation
AW500 Dual Gas Anaerobic Workstation
AW800 Dual Gas Anaerobic Workstation

Microbiological and Gas Accessories and Spares

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Electrotek Anaerobic Cabinets

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